ISO 14001

Honda R&D Asia Pacific Co., Ltd (HRAP) is Certified with Environmental Management systems (ISO 14001 : 2015).

The organization’s activities are annually response to company policy. The details of the policy followed.
We, run a business specialized in research and development of automotive in Asia Oceania. We have applied the environmental policy.

We consider that the environment preservation is the company’s first priority to ensure our responsibility
as a member of the society through the participation of the environmental and health preservation activity.
In addition, we will strive hard to achieve our targets in environmental preservation as an advanced company.

Environmental Policy

  1. We will manage our business by adhering and conducting strictly to any regulations and laws relating to the environmental and health preservation.
  1. We are a member of the organization and the society, so we recognize that it is significantly important to make an effort at the environmental and health preservation. Therefore, we will regard effective using of natural resources, chemical using, waste reduction and eradication, waste treatment, energy utility and water pollution prevention. And we will improve and better those activities in order to ensure continued environmental management.
  1. We will instill, encourage and build up the awareness on environmental management among associates and all concerned people to gain their participation, attentiveness and cooperation in environmental management. All managements will always promote the training on environmental problem’s prevention and solving.
  1. We are eager to listen to all opinions and apply these opinions to our environmental activities in order to ensure that the activities would be been planned and proceeded continuously.
  1. We will announce the environmental policy and make sure  that the policy will be well known  among all associates and interested party.And with all our efforts, we expect to gain a good recognition from a society.

97KI Environment Objective and Target

  1. To reduce city water usage per head 1%
  2. To reduce paper usage 5%
  3. To reduce food waste 10%
  4. To reduce electric energy consumption 1%
  5. Complain from neighborhoods 0%

Environment Performance Activity

Management Training

Associate Training

ISO 14001 Training activities for new Associate and Re-Training every one time per year.

Outsources Training


ISO 14001 Basic Training activities and explain separate garbage method to Outsources Staff

Outside Communication

Visit and PR information about ISO 14001

Visit and query about the environmental impact by operations of HRAP

The result : They didn’t receive affectation in anyway.