DREAM Challenge to the future

AMAZE_meetingA new car has just been given a life in this country, Thailand.

These cars, the fruits of our wisdom, will be delivered to many people, not only in this country but to all over the Asian region. We want to provide the best quality car to the Asian people that we create and build with our own hands. We were roused by the following words, What was our aim? What was our challenge? And how could it be achieved, The following is our passion and our footsteps. The completion of this car is the start point for our next step.

Discussion does not always take place in a meeting room. the idea that arose will decide it’s time to be discussed. Across different sections, regardless of the position ranking. We want to create a valuable product. When something comes up in mind, each of us would share our opinion, and when the energy all unites, this is time we feel a joy of “creation” (product development).

Every time they were challenged with problems. They wasted no time in solving problems and even went seeking for opinions and supports. Once agreed that a method is the best method, the team strongly went for the target as one. No walls of problems are too high for us to climb once our thoughts are united. Strong thoughts of each and every one will convert into a force, and a dream bear, That’s how the BRIO 4 Door was born,