Challenge to the Future


With unique  and original R&D that is rooted into the region, we give life to products that are most suitable for the region. Honda R&D Asia Pacific Co., Ltd. (HRAP), the  core center, plays the important role of Honda's  Asia strategy.

In 1994, when we saw rapid motorization development in many countries in Asia,  Honda R&D Thailand Co., Ltd. (HRT), the origin of the HRAP was founded. It started as a small organization with only 6 people sent from Japan and 2 Thai staffs. Due to the increasing demand both from Thailand and ASEAN market, in order to support Honda Car Manufacturing Thailand Co., Ltd. (current Honda Automobile Thailand Co.,Ltd. : HATC), the manufacturing center, and the company started with quality support, market researching and local procurement assistance business. Since then, HRT accumulated its knowhow of how the car should exist for the people in Thailand as well as ASEAN countries thorough study and research. Such study contributed in developing the Asia strategic vehicle model ClTY, HRT grew with ASEAN market. Establishing Asia Research Institute concept with a new vision for future growth, the company renamed itself to HRAP in 2005. In order to produce car that better match the market demand, the company also equipped itself with styling study function which gave them a comprehensive start. As a start, the company introduced BRIO 5Door (Hatchback Style), the exclusively developed car for Asia, in 2010 together with Honda R&D Co., Ltd. However, we have always believed that the locally driven car should be created by those who live there and that's the way it should be. Thus, we have completed BRIO 4Door project which purely based on HRAP's independent research and development.  We want to create a car that people appreciate. A car that supports our everyday life. A car that was developed and manufactured based on the fruits of our wisdom is now ready to drive into the Asian countries. HRAP, at the same time, also took a fresh start.