Job Description for Aerodynamic Performance

  • Develop, Verify, and Judgment of Aerodynamic performance for high fuel economy of automotive.
  • Generate, develop, outside and engine room airflow management of vehicle function.
  • Cooperation with designer & Styling to execute efficient aerodynamics performance.
  • Planning & Providing guidance and support to Designers & Styling to optimize aerodynamic performance.
  • Identify and develop creative solutions for reaching high-performance Aerodynamics.
  • Analyze results, propose solutions for improvement Aerodynamics performance.
  • Design parts, prepare for simulation and testing with scale & full model wind tunnel test.

Job Description for Dynamic Performance

  • Develop, Verify, and Judgment of Dynamic performance (Acceleration performance, Engine cooling, Heat management) for new models.
  • Heat management of the vehicle to guarantee parts.
  • Cooperation with designer & Styling to create efficient airflow for engine cooling and heat management.
  • Analyze results, propose optimal solutions cooperating with related functions.
  • Benchmark testing of automotive Acceleration performance, including bench test execution, measuring and instrumentation, incident reporting, and root cause analysis.
  • Develop and verify the optimal acceleration performance for customers’ intention.


  • Male/Female, Thai Nationality, Age 21-23 years old.
  • Bachelor’s degree in field of Mechanical Engineering, Automotive technology Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Fluid Mechanics Engineering or Related Field.
  • Skillful and interested in aerodynamic performance or Automotive engineering technology.
  • Always pay attention of new technology in worldwide.
  • Ability for Planning, Cooperation working & Strong interpersonal.
  • Ability to execute with positive thinking against difficulties.
  • Have driving license. Interested in Car, initiative.
  • High willingness to work, think carefully on your own and act on your own.
  • Good logical Thinking, Decision making skills and reasonable.
  • Proficient in Microsoft office especially in Excel, PowerPoint, Word.
  • Experience in working and training abroad would be an advantage.
  • Good command of spoken and written in English (TOEIC 550 up)
  • Japanese language skills would be an advantage.